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Edeldestillerie Oberhofer

36 fine spirits and liqueurs in the distillery in Hall in Tyrol

In Edeldestillerie Oberhofer Robert Oberhofer distils 36 different brandies and liqueurs, including a few particularly rare varieties.

Robert Oberhofer has been distilling schnapps in the distillery in Landhotel Reschenhof in Mils since 1965. Over the course of time the Senior Manager has continually expanded upon the range on offer in the four-star hotel. Now, since time permits and he can wholly devote his attention to the distillery, Mr Oberhofer distils 36 different Tyrolean schnapps and liqueurs!

The utmost quality

The highest quality is a feature which is particularly important to Mr Oberhofer, in all his products. Excellent ingredients are the basics for a top-quality product, which is why Mr Oberhofer uses predominantly local organic fruits to distil his brandies and liqueurs. Add to this his decades of experience in distilling and requisite expertise. This high-quality combination is reflected in the taste of the products. Mr Oberhofer has been part of the distilling elite in Tyrol thanks to the dependable quality of his distillates.  In international competitions too, such as the World Spirits Award, Mr Oberhofer’s Tyrolean schnapps have come out on top, having been awarded several gold and silver medals.

The Edeldestillerie Oberhofer range

The emphasis on the range of products from Tyrol’s Edeldestillerie Oberhofer is on fruit and berry brandies. Along with the basic range, there are also unusual rare and speciality distillates.

Basic range

  • Apple matured in an oak cask
  • Berry cuvée
  • Elstar – high altitude
  • Strawberry brandy
  • Gravensteiner cuvée
  • Rosehip brandy
  • Sweet cherry
  • Raspberry brandy
  • Raspberry liqueur
  • Apricot brandy
  • Muscadine grape brandy
  • Quince brandy
  • Blackcurrant
  • Spänling
  • Stanz plum
  • Williams pear – Old reserve
  • Williams pear brandy


The specialities from Edeldestillerie Oberhofer include:

  • Limonera
  • Wild cherry/ Vistula
  • Sloe
  • Blackberry brandy
  • Bilberry brandy
  • Lemongrass
  • Pineapple brandy
  • Mango brandy

Rare destillates

Unusual distillates are also produced in Edeldestillerie Oberhofer, ones which are rarely produced elsewhere. Here too of course, attention is paid to ensuring the utmost quality. The rare distillates include:

  • Blood orange
  • Fig brandy
  • Granny Smith apple brandy

Local favourites

The local Tyrolean favourites produced in Edeldestillerie Oberhofer include:

  • Rowan berry brandy
  • Elderberry brandy
  • Juniper berry
  • Cranberry liqueur
  • Bird cherry
  • Plums in an oak cask
  • Swiss stone pine seed


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