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The beauty pavilion at the Reschenhof **** near Wattens

Your expert centre for beauty and well-being

In the country hotel, the Reschenhof, we have designed a centre of expertise for your beauty. In the hotel’s own Beauty Pavillon we wholly dedicate ourselves to your beauty and well-being. Since beauty comes from within.

In the Beauty and Wellness Pavilion in Landhotel Reschenhof we offer any amount of treatments to help you feel and look beautiful and for your general well-being. Choose from the following treatments.


Pure relaxation in the Wellnessparadies in the Reschenhof
Enjoy a relaxing time in a wellness holiday in the Reschenhof

We offer various massages in our Beauty and Wellness Pavilion. Choose from full-body and partial massages, such as back, arm and leg massages. Or opt for a foot reflex zone massage, a singing bowl massage or an exotic Lomi Lomi Nui massage. We are certain we will find a treatment to suit your needs.


During our aromatherapy treatment you get to recline in the bath, being caressed by the hot water, with the lights dimmed and listening to pleasantly relaxing music. Feeling almost weightless, you get to enjoy the carefully selected bath additions, which provide a wonderful sensory experience. After around 20 minutes of luxurious soaking you are massaged with body moisturisers or oils which can really be absorbed by your skin.

Ultrasound beauty treatment

Whether it is wrinkles, scars, couperose, acne, stretch marks or weaknesses in your connective tissue, with the Perfect Beauty Method, we can offer you a successful treatment system in the Beauty Pavilion. This ultrasound beauty treatment yields great results in a short time.

Facial treatments

In the Beauty Pavilion in the country hotel, Der Reschenhof****, our experienced beauty team do of course provide a variety of cosmetic facial treatments.

Hair removal

In the Beauty Pavilion we also provide hair removal treatment using hot wax. Or you might opt for ‘Hair Up’, our pain-free method for long-lasting hair removal.

Hair salon

Hair is alike an item of jewellery, it underlines your personality and has a great role to play in your own beauty, which is why we have our own hairdressing salon in the Reschenhof.

Beauty and Nail Art at Landhotel Reschenhof
Nail art in the beauty pavilion

Nail Art

In the Beauty Pavilion we also work with artificial nails, or we can fill out your own nails using gel or powder. At the end of the treatment your nails will be polished using a special gloss varnish which ensures your nails will stay glossy for longer.

G400 the 'new generation'!

An all-round programme for your whole body! Independent studies confirm the positive effect on wear and tear, as well as inflammation! Losing weight has never been so easy! A possible 6-10 kg weight loss in 4 weeks!

Infrared with exercise and integrated light therapy. Choose your favourite colour during your training – enabling you to enjoy deep-down relaxation during your training. After training too you can choose from various colours that you find particularly soothing and while relaxing afterwards, light up the room with that colour. Light therapy is highly regarded in alternative medicine. Targeted use of colour can have a positive effect on your health status:

Violet: strengthens the immune system, used for lymph blockages
Blue: alleviates tension and reduces pain
Green: positive effect on bronchial tubes and lungs
White: supports vitamin D production and assists with general healing
Yellow: balances stomach and intestinal disturbances
Orange: gives a sense of joy of living
Red: stimulates circulation and metabolism

An integrated cooling system ensures the utmost in training comfort!


Wellness and Beauty offers

We have put together two special offers for our guests which we would like to present to you. The offers make it possible for you to combine various treatments at great-value tariffs:

Beauty and Wellness at the Reschenhof
Beauty days for him and her at the Reschenhof

Beauty day for HER

  • Extensive facial treatment
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Body exfoliation and bath
  • Full body massage
  • € 25.- gift voucher to redeem in the country hotel, the Reschenhof****
    Ca. 4 ½ hours - € 180.-

Beauty day for HIM

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Partial massage
  • Facial treatment
    Ca. 3 ½ hours - € 90.-

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Enjoy relaxing hours at the country hotel Reschenhof's beauty and wellness pavilion. We take care of your look and beauty. Leave us with a radiant face and the good feeling to have done something for your mental and physical well-being. Inquire whether your desired date is still free. The team of the Wellness and Beauty Pavilion Mils is looking forward to seeing you.

Top packages

Mountain Enjoyment with your four-legged friend

 01.12.2021 - 31.12.2022

DOGS WELCOME - experience a short break with your four-legged friend at the Reschenhof!

from € 340.- per person
Comfortable comfort in the culinary area of ​​the Landhotel Reschenhof

Reschenhof Short Break 4=3

bookable until 31.12.2022

The package for smart spenders! The 4th night is free and dinner can be booked at any time.

from € 270.- per person

Hiking & E-Bike

26.05. - 01.11.2022

4 or 7 nights with 3x dinner, free E-bike rental, Wellness a.m.m.

from € 380.- per person


Some of our "Reschenhof" rooms have a balcony with views to the surrounding Tirol mountains and a small, cosy seating area. In our "Business" rooms we offer you a balcony with views to Tirol's impressive mountain panorama.


Thanks to many years of experience and bespoke offers and options, the business Hotel Reschenhof is your ideal partner and a host for all manner of corporate events. Meetings, conferences, seminars and Christmas celebrations.


In Landhotel Reschenhof the emphasis is very much on pleasure. The Reschenhof near Hall is known far and wide, not just for its leisurely ambience and bespoke care of its guests, but also for its traditional Tirol cuisine, enjoying the utmost prestige in the region.