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A tour of Edeldestillerie Oberhofer – with schnapps tasting


Edeldestillerie Oberhofer is one of the best schnaps distilleries in Tyrol. During your visit you can take a look behind the scenes and watch it being made. You will get an insight into the secret of distilling and of course, sampling some fine schnapps will definitely be included.

Robert Oberhofer, Senior Manager of Landhotel Reschenhof, has been managing the hotel’s distillery for over 50 years, with a great deal of passion. In the course of time, our Senior Manager has turned the distillery into a ‘top-class’ distillery and established a comprehensive product range, including 36 brandies and liqueurs.

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You are cordially invited to come and sample schnapps here, and to be convinced of the quality of our products. Sample Tyrolean classics, specialities from Edeldestillerie Oberhofer and very special rare distillates. A snack will ensure you have something to line your stomach.

Tour of the distillery

A tour of the distillery is a permanent fixture in sampling. A look behind the scenes of schnapps production is a very special experience for many guests.


We have compiled three different offers for your schnapps sampling and guided tour of the distillery for you:

  • Tour of and information about the distillery
  • Insight into the secrets of distilling
  • The chance to sample up to 10 fine brandies
  • A large snack plater, including meat slices, creamy cheese spread, hot roast belly of pork, Naviser bacon, smoked trout fillet, mountain cheeses, olives, gherkins, butter, mustard, horseradish and fresh bread served in a basket
  • To finish, apple pie and coffee
  • Tour of and information about the distillery
  • The chance to sample 5 fine brandies
  • Snack including a few Munich Weißwürstel sausages, pretzels and 300 mls wheat beer
  • Tour of and information about the distillery
  • The chance to sample 3 fine brandies
  • Little platter of bread and spreads
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We look forward to welcoming you soon!

You are interested in Tyrol’s schnapps culture, still have questions about our offers, individual requests, or would like to arrange a date to try our distillates?