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The country hotel the Reschenhof can look back on a long history

From village guesthouse to 4-star hotel

The country hotel the Reschenhof has been in our family for four generations. We are proud of this, but we also know that this heritage carries obligations. In the tradition of our ancestors, we want to continue to offer you hospitality of the highest standard in the future. Initially a village inn, the guesthouse has developed over time into a four-star seminar and wellness hotel. Today, the Reschenhof is successfully managed by Günter Oberhofer.

From father to son

Robert Oberhofer senior, the senior manager of the hotel, managed the hotel for many years. At the "right time", he then handed the hotel on to the next generation. These days Robert Oberhofer mainly devotes his time to his hobby, schnapps distilling. He has enjoyed great international success with Edeldestillerie Oberhofer.

The Oberhofer family have hospitality in their blood and they are dedicated to their guests. Visit the Hotel Reschenhof and witness this long tradition of hospitality in Mils in Tyrol for yourself.


Our culinary range today is far beyond what you would find in a little village guesthouse. We offer our guests outstanding quality, delicious local and international meals. In the hotel’s own pizzeria our guests get to enjoy Mediterranean dishes in an Italian ambience. We have not forgotten our roots of course, and still serve classic Tyrolean treats – just as we did when we were a village guesthouse.

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Wellness hotel

Another development we are very proud of is the expansion of our wellness range. The leap from village guesthouse to contemporary wellness hotel has been immense but all the efforts have been worthwhile. These days we are a place where guests can come to relax and to feel good. In our beauty pavilion and sauna world, everyone will find what they need to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Our new pool in the garden promises cooling on hot summer days.

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In 1965 our Senior Manager Robert Oberhofer started up a schnapps distillery. Since that time Edeldestillerie Oberhofer has continually expanded. Today the distillery produces 36 different brandies and liqueurs. Many of these products have received international awards. Guests can get an insight into the quality of products during schnapps tasting events and take a look behind the scenes of the distillery on a guided tour.

Distilling as a family tradition Pfeil
A thank-you to our guests!

We would like to thank our guests who have been with us on this journey for all these years and who have been supportive of our expansion. Should you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch!