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The best fruits are distilled to create the best brandies and liqueurs

Edeldistillery Oberhofer - Your specialist for schnapps in Hall in Tyrol

Senior Manager of Landhotel Reschenhof in Mils, Robert Oberhofer, has been devoted to schnapps distilling here since 1965. A few years ago distilling was his main job. In ‘Edeldestillerie Oberhofer’ he processes the best fruit to create the best brandies and liqueurs.

Quality stemming from passion

Robert Oberhofer focuses his attention on the utmost quality when it comes to his passion, schnapps distilling. In his distillery Mr Oberhofer uses predominantly local organic fruit. It is important when purchasing the fruit to really pay attention to the ripeness of the fruit. The purity, quality and taste of the original product has a key role to play too.

It is these high standards when it comes to choosing the raw ingredients that is reflected in the utmost quality of the distillates produced by Robert Oberhofer. Washed, stalks and stones removed, the fruits are then immediately ground. They are then fermented in stainless steel tanks with  great care and with under an expert eye, which has years’ of experience. What results is the best Tyrol schnapps. Produced entirely without any added flavourings, these fine brandies taste fantastic.

A shower of medals for Tyrolean schnapps

Robert Oberhofer has been amongst the Tyrolean distillers' elite for years. The wide range of varieties at his noble distillery includes 36 brandies and liqueurs. The focus is on fruit and berry brandies. Among Oberhofer's particular specialities are limonera, sour cherry, sloe, blackberry and blueberry. Rarities that Mr Oberhofer produces are blood orange, fig and Granny Smith.

The first of many success for ‘Edeldestillerie Oberhofer’ was its classification as ‘World Class Distillery 2012’. Individual products are still reaping lots of awards.

Robert Oberhofer – Initial attempts and first successes

When you walk into Destillerie Oberhofer there is no doubt who is the boss here. Robert Oberhofer, Senior Manager of the country hotel, the Reschenhof, is the boss here.

Robert Oberhofer had always had an interest in schnapps making. In the course of time his curiosity and urge to give it a go himself became ever greater, and in 1965, he set up a small distillery in the family hotel, the country hotel, the Reschenhof in Mils. The very first attempts were not really all that successful but Robert Oberhofer was undeterred and continued in his trails.

After a brief phase getting used to distilling and a few hard lessons, the first successes followed. Robert Oberhofer produced his first, very acceptable, schnapps. Looking at it objectively however, everything was still somewhat up in the air.

Persistence and quality pay off

Robert Oberhofer continued to experiment. He gained more and more experience and the quality of his distillates continued to improve, and he realised then that he was on the right tracks. He began to realise what it took to make good distillates.

Robert Oberhofer recognised that as well as knowing about the art of distilling, that the raw ingredients had a key role to play. That was why he preferred to use local, organically grown fruit. When purchasing the ingredients, he now emphasised ripeness, its purity, the flavour of the fruit as well as its overall quality and the general impression he got from it.

World-Spirits Award for the World-Class Distillery

It was thanks to his great passion that Robert Oberhofer created a distillery which ranks among the elite distilleries in Tyrol and the world. The dependable quality and superb flavour of his produce are held in high regard. In the interim, Robert Oberhofer had developed the little distillery in his parents’ hotel into an ‘Edeldestillerie’ and this was also confirmed in 2012 when it was classified as a ‘World-Class Distillery’.

The range, which comprised just a few types in the beginning, now features 36 different brandies and liqueurs. Yet Robert Oberhofer refused to accept this international recognition for his products and at the World-Spirits Award 2012 he cleaned up. Brandies from Destillerie Oberhofer have received a total of five gold medals and two silver medals!

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Edeldestillerie Oberhofer – since 1965
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Visit Robert Oberhofer and his ‘Edeldestillerie’ in Mils. On a guided tour of the distillery you will gain an initial insight into how high-quality schnapps are produced. Afterwards you also get to sample some distillates and a suitably hearty snack is also provided.